Daddy Stole My Candy Corn!

I'm Daddy's little rape toy!Daddy said he was going to help me find a costume for Halloween. He said he had just the perfect costume in mind but it was going to be a surprise. When I came home from school Daddy told me he had it ready and I needed to take my clothes off for the fitting. I was a little embarrassed but I’m a good girl and I do as Daddy says so I took off my clothes and put on the outfit. It was so tight and so short I was tugging at it trying to make sure it covered everything. Daddy told me he could see my Candy Corn peepin from under the skirt. I was a little confused but still trying to stretch the skirt down over my panties. Daddy said he even thought to bring a few games for us to play. He asked me if I’d ever bobbed for apples before. I told him sure I love bobbing for apples. He told me to get on my knees while he blindfolded me. Then I heard a zipper and something was being pushed into my face. Daddy said I was bobbing for different apples and I better not bite him! Those were NOT apples! He made me bob and bob till I thought I was gonna choke. Then he took the blind fold off and bent me over the coffee table. Daddy said he was going to be the first to take my candy corn. i asked him what that meant? He said, “baby girl, after tonight you will not be a virgin because this sweet tight cunt is mine!”  He tricked me right out of my virginity!

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