Daddy Loves Sleepovers

I finally had a sleepover with one of my best friends I hadn’t seen in forever! We used to have so much fun playing our sexy games and I knew we were going to have an awesome night. So, anyway, we were in my room drinking some margaritas and I was sitting, naked, on her bare ass rubbing down her back with some massage oils. Her round ass felt so good against my clit, I started to get really wet and I started rocking back and forth, rubbing my slippery wet pussy all up and down her alluring asscrack.

The night was going in a good direction..then things got even better! Just as I a gripped a fistful of her red hair and pulled her head back, licking her soft cheek sensually and sliding two fingers along her soaking wet cunt lips, daddy came in to join the fun! Without a word, he walked up to my friend and unzipped his pants to reveal his massive hard cock. I knew what daddy wanted, and daddy always gets what he wants. I kept her head back and she opened wide as daddy fed his big cock into her tiny mouth. He was fucking her face and moaning while I slipped more and more fingers into her little hole. Daddy bent over and grabbed my ass, spreading the cheeks wide open to reveal my tight asshole. He licked all around it, teasing his little girl, then finally shoved his warm tongue deep into my hole. My friend was being a good guest and kept sucking daddy’s cock until he shot his warm cum into her throat, filling up her slutty mouth. Daddy said she better not swallow it yet, so I touched my lips to hers and she opened her mouth against mine. Daddy’s yummy cock juice spilled out of hers into mine and I swallowed it all down, licking the last drops of my best friend’s pretty pink lips. I bet daddy won’t mind if she stays with us again!

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