Cum play catch with me!

When I am jacking off my big cock, I feel like there should always be a cum hungry mouth wide open to receive my loads. Think about it, I am a very sexy she-male that desires to only cum in someone’s mouth and there are tons of men in this world that fantasize about swallowing cum loads from a woman like me. So that is why I am fortunate to have tons of men that approach me everywhere I go that get down on their knees and beg to take it in the face for my cum filled cock. Like the other day, I went to lunch with a another tranny friend of mine and our waiter had the hots for the two of us. Unfortunately, she had to go back to work and after lunch I took that waiter home with me. Of course he had no idea what me and my friend really were but that is were it got interesting at my place. I ordered him to lay down on the bed and close his eyes and have his mouth open. Let’s just say he was speechless with my package thrusting in and out of his mouth. Now he comes over here every day for his afternoon cum snack!

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