Cum On Ride This Train!

There’s a line outside my door right now and my pussy is yearning for all the dick I’m about to get. The first guy is gonna come in and eat my pussy so good I’ll probably melt. He likes the taste of my tiny little kitty. He gets so aroused by the time he sticks his cock inside of me, he’s coming in minutes. Then in comes guy number two. He’s ready to just stick it in and get right to it. No foreplay just hot sweaty fucking! Guy number three interrupts and declares it is his turn. I don’t mind at all. His dick is really huge. My pussy fits tight around his cock and I squeeze my walls tighter. He likes to switch positions a lot and holes too! The fifth stop on this train is my favorite. He fucks me almost like he loves me. Slow and passionate. He’s a gentleman. Right when he is about to finish I move so he can blow his hot cum all over my face. There’s still room on this ride. Cum on over, you can check out my caboose too!

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