Cum Cure


I do love to volunteer and do charity work. It is important to give back to the neighborhood, and I love meeting new people. Well this week was the Jingle bell Jog. I I do it every year.  This year I was really looking forward to meeting some sexy doctors on the run. When I arrived I picked out my shirt, but lets face it. Those shirts are not made for someone with such large breasts. They are cute white t-shirts that are completely see through when stretched across my massive breast. If that wasn’t drawing enough attention, there are the cutest little bells sewn onto the shirt. Which should have been on your stomach area. Because my tits are so large, they were placed over my tits like nipples. Oooh I don’t mind. I actually like the attention I was getting. I made it about half way through the run when I got a serious twist in my thigh. I went off the course past some bushes to a bench to have a little rest. Just a few seconds pasted when a nice young man joined me. A young doctor who saw my distress and wanted to help. He pulled my leg up on his shoulder and started to rub my thigh that was hurting. His fingers kept itching closer to my hot wet pussy, and I could see how hard he was. He managed to stop himself right before he found the promise land and I knew he regretted it instantly. I told him I wanted to thank him for his help so I pulled him close and started kissing the outline of his hard cock. He let me pull his cock out and suck it into my mouth. Right there in the bushes next to the track. Oooh I could tell he was super nervous and worried about the attention, but when I slid his cock all the way down my throat he stopped worrying! Mmm He tasted so good! The more I sucked the loader he moaned. Then he surprised me. He seemed so timid. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me back on the bench. He buried his cock right inside me! Ooooh god he fucked me good! Like a man does. He made me cum over and over again. Then he shot his load all over me! It was just what I needed to get me going again. Mmmm its funny how cum can cure all your illnesses

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