Cucumber fuckfest!


My really close friend just found out her man was cheating on her and she wanted him to pay. I told her the best way to do get over betrayal is to betray them to a greater extent. That’s when she asked me if I could give her this big dick all night until she forgot why she was upset today. I couldn’t help but to sympathize and agreed to fill up her needy cunt. When I began to thrust in her I realized that her pussy was super tight. That little dick loser didn’t deserve this clingy snatch of hers anyway! Its unbelievable how well I use this cock to make men beg and women scream! Things soon got interesting when I decided to escort her to the kitchen and give her some sexy food play. I started with some whipped cream and squirted it on the length of my cock. I made her lick it like a fudge sundae while I looked for something long and hard to shove up her lovely ass. This cucumber really caught my eye since it was so thick and firm. As I plugged up her snatch I fucked her in the ass with a vegetable.. Ha! Double penetration really gets women hot because in five minutes she was squirting all over me and licking the rest off my dick as I stroked the top of her head. We spent the rest of the night laughing and making her cheating man a late night snack. When he creeped in after one of his late night rendezvous he was greeted by cucumber sandwiches with a little extra mayo. He complained it tasted kind of odd and I explained to him it was my special secret man sauce…. What ?  You didn’t think Mika wasn’t going to cum too did you?


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