Cuckolding with Princess Paris

Well sissy, I think it is time for me to show you what a REAL DICK can do for your wife since you have a lil’ baby carrot for a winkie. So I invited a REAL MAN to come here and show you how to fuck your wife like a REAL COCK can. By the way sissy , this guy has 12 inches of REAL HARD BIG DICK in his pants and he is not a sissy poo like you with your tiny weenie. LOL! So I am going to shove that BIG COCK in your wife’s pussy BALLS DEEP to make her really moan for joy. The best part is that you get to watch it all right in front of them while he is pounding her into ground meat. LOL! I know you are not upset about any of this because you have told me how much that would make your lil’ winkie hard enough to make a creamy wet spot in your sissy panty. So I talked to your wife about it and she so agreed to do it. LOL! Surprise sissy, this is just for you!

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