The morning after

It is morning and I just woke up so you know what that means don’t you pet? I need you on your knees with your mouth wide open, ready to drink up all of this hot piss! I was pretty drunk when I finally passed out last night so there is gonna be a lot of it I hope you can chug it all down like a good boy because you know I hate it when you make a mess. Speaking of a mess, there is about to be a different kind of mess all over my floor if I don’t get my other pet over here to eat up all this shit that is about to come out! All that tequila from last night is making a hasty exit for sure! Mmmmmm there is nothing better than a mouth on your pussy and another on your asshole slurping up everything you give them and then licking you clean, it’s the best feeling ever. Now if I could just get rid of this hangover…

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