Cuckolding and Creampies

cuckolding phone sex

Cuckolding and Creampies are what wet dreams are made of. My pussy is made to be filled with the best cock cream around. And if I ever have a man who can’t fuck me right, he will be shown what my pussy and ass hole likes. Even if I have to tie him up and make him watch this slut get fucked. I Fucking hate, and I do mean hate small dicked mother fuckers! 


I was opened up young by a very big black cock, my very own father, so you think you can just come fuck me with a shrimp dick? You couldn’t even be a motherfucker with that little thingy. Go find you a mommy to soothe you and tell you it’s okay to have a small pee, pee! Because if I was your mommy you would be a disgrace to me! You,  baby boy, get to eat out my creampie!  Only after you are tied up and impaled with a big dildo and made to watch a real man fuck my brains out! I will soothe your aches and hypno fuck you until you tell me that you will Serve your queen and all the queens men! Do what I say because your life just might depend on it!

creampie phone sex

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