Cream Pie for Sissy

Sissy was being very naughty today, she actually had the nerve to suggest that she would be able to satisfy me with her pathetic little clitty. First I laughed at her, I laughed so fucking hard I almost pissed myself! Seriously, how the fuck does she think that her tiny micro penis could ever satisfy a woman like me? I need a big cock, a cock that stretches me out and real man to fuck me with it, not a little sissy boy like this bitch! Sissy needed to learn her place and the only way to teach her that was to get a big strong man with a huge cock to come over and fuck me in front of the little dick loser. I made sissy get on her knees and get right up close to my pussy so she could watch that huge cock fill me up in a way that she never could. Sissy bitched about it and kept begging me to let her touch me but I just laughed at her, I told her that her only job was to be clean up bitch. She cried and whined about it but I don’t really give a shit what she likes. When I was done fucking my stud I pressed my well fucked, cum filled pussy against sissy’s face and made her lick it all clean. And you know what? She talked all this shit about hating it but the moment her tongue tasted that cum she was squirting in her panties, now she’s begging for more!

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