Cousin lovin

hot ass sex

My uncle likes to train his daughter and me. My cousin Carlie is such a cutie. We always get that we look like twins. Our whole appearance is pretty similar. Our parents have kept us pretty close since we are only days apart. My cousin Carlie and I love to do photoshoots with my uncle. Her dad loves to get us completely naked and has even called us to have hot ass sex in front of the camera. He loves that we are kissing cousins that will make porn in an instant if it is asked from us. My pretty cousin has the best little cunt, and I love lick her for hours.

We often even use toys and let her dad run wild with us. My uncle likes to fuck us too and keeps the incest traditions in the family. I’m always down for some fun with both of them. It’s a family secret, and I can’t enjoy it enough.

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