Could I Be Your Favorite Pornstar?

Don’t you just love the smell of pornos?! I’m thinking I need a late night snack! Watching pornos make me want to show my skill on and off camera. I like to think I’m a great actress! All the industry stars I see sucking and fucking for millions of dollars everyday, I know I could do the same thing and love it!  Watching porn gets my day going. I always have something sexy to think about when my mind finds idle time. Watching the asses of my idols get ate out and cunnies get rammed into by major cocks just revs me up. I can so do that. I have a pretty pussy. Wanna see? My pussy can withstand the invasion of the biggest dicks and squirt the longest distances with no effort. If I try really hard I can squirt my sexy love juice from the door step to the mailbox! Yep I’ve tried it. Don’t you think Id make a great porn star? Wouldn’t you like to watch me on your tv putting my superb dick sucking skills to use? The bulge in your pants tells me you do!

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