Your New Babysitter Katy

You’ve known since I moved in a few doors down that your parents would probably ask me to babysit you.  You always look forward to misbehaving for your babysitters and new ones are especially fun to mess with.  But you didn’t know just how kinky I am, and how I like to play with bad little boys, just like you.  I couldn’t wait to get you alone with me.  You misbahaved just as I hoped you would, and I could tell from the cheeky look on your face that you were doing it on purpose, you wanted to see what I’d do, to get a rise out of me.  I can tell you liked the punishment too, you were getting off on it, getting a little boy boner, which I could see when I stripped off your pants.  So I bent you over my knee and spanked you, very firmly, but it didn’t end there.  Your bottom got all bright red, and you protested, but I could tell you were loving every second of my hand disciplining your naughty body.  Since you were such a slut for a spanking, I decided to make you my little Panty Boy Slut.  I took off my skirt and started to strip off my panties, letting my camisole slide down off my breasts just to tease you extra hard.  What can I say, it got me kinda hot spanking you, and even more excited to dress you up as a sissy boy and make you do whatever I say.  Your little cock is so sprung as I dress you in my panties.  I’m going to make you do things… and if you don’t behave I’ll have to punish you more.  Maybe with a golden shower, to teach you who is boss…

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