I am thankful for my big hard cock. LoL I love thanksgiving! It reminds me how lucky I am to have such perfectly lush tits and a nice big black cock! And I take the whole week of thanksgiving to make sure EVERYONE I know knows how lucky they are to know me. They get to enjoying sucking on my hard nipples. Burring their face right in between these beautiful tits and enjoying my soft woman curves. Then I let them drop to their knees and take this big black cock deep into their mouths. I let them suck on me till I was throbbing and they were begging for me to stretch them open. And of course I did. I took my time pounding and stretching their little pussy’s wide open. Showing them how perfect my thick black cock really is. This whole week has been nothing but FUCKING! Sucking ! AND making a whole bunch of guys Thankful!

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