Cum Play with Blair

Submissive Phone SexLast night my husband took me out the the casino, he was in the mood for gambling and drinking. He invited a co-worker to join us and were all having such a good time. My husband took me off to the side an slipped me some coke. Then we went back in and gambled a little more, once more he pulled me aside and this time gave me the bag of coke and i did quite a bit. I lost track of the time but my husband had gotten a room at the casino and we all went upstairs. my husband undressed me an gently laid me out on the bed and spread my legs wide so his friend could see what was being offered to him.

His friend looked and him and said really, of course my husband response was really! The friend we will call Jeremy, anyway he started to walk towards me when my husband said, have her suck your cock until your hard, then she like its rough so fuck the shit outta my wife;’s little pussy. I could tell this was going to be a long night when my husband leaned back in his chair to watch this man as I sucked on his cock, then he fucked me as hard as he could until my pussy was so swollen when he finally shot his load. I was exhausted and wanted to sleep, But my husband had new plans for me.

He pulled me onto the floor doggy style and fuck me hard I guess to show Jeremy how rough I like it when he all of a sudden he pulled out and jammed his huge cock to the brim up my ass and fuck me so hard I came when he shot his load of hot cum into my ass. This was so much more fun than the blackjack tables.

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