College Coed Sex Caught Stripping In The Laundry

College Coed Sex

So there’s this guy I have the biggest crush on in my College coed sex dorm. He’s probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my whole life, and I constantly think of him. I love the way it feels when I catch him looking at me. I’m just too shy to actually say something.

So last night I was in the laundry area, getting ready to put my clothes in when I realized I was wearing the panties that I wanted to wear out tonight! I quickly looked around, noticing that I was alone. So I did the only sensible thing, I started to strip so I could throw them in the wash!

Just then, my pants down around my ankles, the laundry room door flew open, and in walked Mr. Dreamypants. My jaw dropped and I just stood there in my pretty little black lacy lucky thong! His eyes were fixed on me as he tried to pretend he wasn’t noticing. My cheeks had to be about as red as a tomato as I reached down to pull my pants back up.

“Please continue, I don’t want to interrupt,” he said a sly smile spread across his face. I’m sure he saw the look of shock on my face as I stopped what I was doing. Making his way over to me he reached down, pushing my thong the rest of the way down before slowly pushing me over the washer.

Without a word he slowly began pushing himself inside of me as he let out a deep rolling chuckle. His dick was so huge!


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