Cold-Hearted, Financial Domination Bitch

I believe that you must pay to play.  In that, as a beautiful woman, I deserve the best, and I expect for my companions to honor my time with their resources.  Is it prostitution? perhaps (I really don’t care).   If I decide to become your girlfriend, I will expect for you to cater to my needs, spoil me financially, and to give me access to everything that you own; ultimately, making it mine.  You would belong to me, and likewise, all of your assets shall also become mine.  I may decide that I want you to increase your life insurance policy to $350 million and make me the beneficiary (secretly cutting off your wife and the rest of your family). You are to leave everything to me; awarding me ownership of your estate, when you pass….(I want to enjoy your wealth in my youth, so I will murder you and make it look like a professional hit).  There is no price that you can put on my love.  However, I have a price, and it is everything.


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