Chillin’ Visit

I got a visit from one of my lovers the other day. It has been awhile since the last time I have seen him. He is such a DICK and I don’t just mean his attitude. I mean he is the kind of DICK that you can’t get enough of and you only like him for his DICK. That guy only thinks about what HIS DICK wants and that is it. Despite his crappy personality, I just can’t let him go because he gives me some really good DICK. So when he showed up at my place and started acting really sweet towards me I was speechless. So we wasted no time and started to quickly rip each others clothes off. We only made it to the sofa before I had his sexy DICK down my throat. Then he picked me up and laid me down on the couch. He told me to close my eyes and to relax. Behind him was a glass of ice water on my coffee table. He took out one of the big ice cubes and started rubbing my nipples with it and it gave me erotic chills all threw out my body. It got me to horny that the ice cubes weren’t the only thing dripping on the couch. So I started begging him to give me his DICK and he rammed that DICK balls deep in my dripping tight hole. But when he was fucking me hard, he placed that ice cube right on my clit and I squirted all over his DICK! He is such a DICK! LOL!

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