Cherry Pie

adult baby phone sexJust when I thought I had done it all, been asked to do it all….She is a friend of a friend. As soon as I saw her my cunt began to react to her timid beauty. She had victim written all over her. I immediately envisioned taking her in ways that would make a strong man cringe and a hard man’s blood run cold. She was petite and blonde and I could tell she was nervous. My mouth was watering and my hands were shaking wanting to take control. But I Adult phone sexpromised my friend that I would hear her out and try to help her. A promise that I was regretting right now. Then she started spilling her guts in long run on sentences with barely a breath. Taking me in I got lost in her request. Her husband could not get off unless he was diapered and treated like a baby. She needed something more but wanted to some how include him. She had been told that I was a kinky and tough bitch and she was hopping I would be willing to role play this special scenario. She wanted to be with me, and have her diapered husband watch as she pleased me first and then I could take her any way I wanted. She was prepared, or so she thought. I agreed just because I wanted her. That night I met them at the hotel and there he was diapered and on a blanket ¬†with a pacifier in his mouth and a hand down the front of his diaper. She undressed me and grabbed a bowl of cherries saying she wanted me to be her cherry pie. Stuffing them in my cunt, she took her time licking and eating them out of my while pinching and pulling my nipples. He was int he corner cooing with his hand down his diaper working his cock. I was lost in what she was doing to me with her mouth and on the edge of filling her mouth with more then cherries. It was almost my turn and things were about to take a turn that she was not prepared for at all.

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