Cheerleader Gets Fucked in the Parking Lot

Cheerleader Phone Sex


You love watching me, my sexy little teen body dancing around in my cheerleader uniform. You don’t even focus on the game. All you can focus on is my bouncing tits each time I jump up and down and my pussy. You don’t know that I have been seeing you too, coming to every game and staring at me. I stopped wearing panties so you can look up my skirt and see my tight little pussy. You got so hard from watching me and I enjoyed making you hard. When you came up to me after the game, I knew exactly what you wanted. I asked you where your car was, and you pulled me into it. You unbuttoned your pants while I took off the rest of my uniform so you could see my tits bounce while we fuck. You lay back in the backseat and watch my boobs jiggle while I bounce up and down on your cock. No one expects us to be fucking like this, and I make sure to moan quietly so no one will catch us. You love seeing my tits bounce and my tight pussy wrapped around your cock so much that you cum hard inside me.

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