Charity Car Wash

A bunch of my friends and I had a charity car wash to help out one of our other guy friends.  We share him as a fuck buddy, and he is extremely good, so when we found out he owed a lot of money for taxes we decided we would help him out.  I’m sorry but I cannot let a perfectly good cock waste away in jail, especially one that is as big as his is.  We put up fliers in strip clubs, adult stores, and even advertised in the paper.  It went pretty well, we made a shit load of money just in tips alone.  We couldn’t have it out in the open because for an extra 200 dollars two of the girls would fuck each other, or give the owner of the car a blow job, or something else along those lines.  Some would consider it prostitution, and just like that big cock of our friends, I wouldn’t want my perfectly good pussy wasting away in jail either. All in all about 50 cars were washed that day, cocks were sucked, pussies were licked, and we raised enough money for our mutual fuck buddy to stay out of jail due to back taxes.


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