Caught red-handed..

Its close to my guys birthday, I am broke and I don’t really have any money to spare.. but I saw that the apartment next to me has some boxes in there and the door has been open for a while. I poked my head in and saw this huge tv with the brand new xbox and a shit ton of games all set up. Right then and there I knew my guy would love it. I stood around for a few minutes making sure the coast was clear.

I sneaked in and started unhooking everything. As I was about to stand up, I heard someone clear their throat. I stood there, caught red-handed and frozen in fear. I slowly turned around to see my new neighbor. He was standing in the door way with a pizza and beer. Fuck was he hot. I could see the sweat dripping down his chest. His grey shirt showed every muscle he had.

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He was angry, “What the fuck are you doing?” I couldn’t come up with anything but “Please don’t tell my boyfriend he is a cop and he will be so pissed.” He looked me up and down and said that he could forgive me if I did exactly what he said when he said it and he would think about not telling my boyfriend.

I agreed, and the first thing he had me do was get naked. I stripped down to nothing and that is when he walked up to me and started rubbing my naked body. He pinched my nipples, smacked my pussy, pulled my hair and kissed me hard. I felt wrong but I was so excited to be his sex whore. I would do anything so my boyfriend wouldn’t find out. He pushed me down on my knees and unzipped his pants. He pulled out his throbbing cock and smacked me in the face with it a few times.

Then he told me to open my mouth, I didn’t do as I was told so he squeezed my nose closed until I couldn’t breath and opened my mouth for air and was then choked by his fat cock in my mouth. He fucked my throat until I was puking all over his cock. He finally came and shot his load all over my face. He was rubbing my hair as I went to wipe off his cum and my vomit. He smacked me, told me I had to walk to my apartment naked and covered in his cum like the dirty whore that I am. I did as I was told..

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