Spanish dish..

phone sex fetish

Lately its been a dry spell for me, I want to fuck but no one is turning me on or even getting me wet. Its like my pussy is broken. I rubbed myself raw 2 weeks ago, and even wet a towel and spanked my pussy with it. I have used every one of my toys and creams but nothing is working. I decided to just take a trip. Leave reality for a while. I went to California for the beaches. I wanted to sit there in the warmth and soak up the sun. While Laying in the sun on my first day on vacation I felt amazing. I was drinking a margarita, soaking up the sun when this sexy Spanish guy walked up to me. He asked me if I was alone and if I wanted to play some beach volley ball. I laughed and said no. As he walked away I thought I whispered under my breath “Id like to play with you, balls deep into my pussy.”

phone sex fetish

He stopped and turned around, “well miss that can be arranged.” We set up a time to meet in my hotel, I run up there to take a shower and make sure I was hairless and able to get wet for him. As I was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror I couldn’t stop touching myself. I go into the tub where it had a extendable shower head. It brought me back to my virginity and experiments with my body.. I grabbed the shower head and started rubbing it on my clit. Before I knew it I was on my 5th orgasm and I was being watch by the sexy Spanish man I met at the beach. He joined me in the bath tub where he ate my pussy for what felt like hours. I was so wet and so exhausted but the moment he pushed his big thick cock inside of me I felt a new burst of energy. I rode his cock until He had to cum. Then I took his entire cock into my mouth and swallowed all of his cum. After that he didn’t leave my room until I was checking out to get on a flight back home. It was the best cum filled week of my life. My pussy was renewed and so was my sexuality. 

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