How Can Something So Fucking Good Be So Fucking Bad?

Submissive Phone SexYesterday as I was leaving a parking garage downtown a man approached me and I recognized him to be one of my abductors from earlier this week and took me by the arm and told me he had never met anyone like me. He then went on to tell me he has made arrangements for a private party with just he and I and my husband had already agreed to this and he would see me tonight. I broke out in a cold sweat, I don’t mind pain and sex, it really does excite me but I needed to know my husband would be there.

As soon as I got home I called my dealer and asked if he could deliver a very large bag of coke. He said he would be over in about thirty minutes. While waiting for him my husband called and said we would be going out tonight and to be ready to leave as soon as he got home, that he would be taking off work early. Thankfully before my husband got home my dealer had brought me the coke. I did several lines and put the rest in my purse. When my husband got home he said lets go, he was in a hurry and I knew why.

On the way, he gave me a few lines of coke and a couple of pills and I was so grateful. We went to this sleazy motel and the man was already there. My husband took a seat in the corner and watched this man sexually assault and torture me for hours, but what he didn’t know I was cumming so many times I lost count! When it was finally all over and we were on our way home my husband seemed very happy, he was excited that he got the whole thing on film for us to watch when were in the mood to have sex. I was shocked by this but knew it would turn me on to watch it happen over and over again!

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