Bunny Bounce


Easter is so much fun for my little whores. I know how much they love candy. So when the guys show up to pay me. I make sure they bring some Easter candy for the sluts. I throw all the candy and shit together. Making sure ONE basket was bigger than the others. Then I tell the little whores that we are going to play a special Bunny Hop to see who can win the BIG basket! First all the sluts have to get naked. And pick their party partner. A lucky guy who gets to play with the little sluts. The girl have to get the guys naked and get there cocks super hard. Then.. They all climb up on top of their hard cocks. And wait for mommy to say GO! Then they all start hopping .. up and down the cock trail. The one that can last the longest WINS! The girls really worked it this year. The game went for 20 minutes before the last 2 guys came. With in seconds of each other! The girls were so excited they wanted to go again to see who the real winner was! And of course we used new fresh men to make the game fair! This was the BEST 4-20 DAY EVER. I got loaded.. And the little sluts got loaded with cum and candy.


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