Paint Me Wild!

I do love holidays. And this Easter was no different. I got to wear my new Easter dress. And I had a HOT date with a painter. I planned the perfect night! I had him undress me. Then I had him use some brand new GLOW in the Dark body paint. I wanted something very special. He painted my beautiful balls like Ester Eggs. And then started in on my cock! Feeling his brush tickling my cock drove me MAD. It was so erotic! I let him paint the whole front of my body. His hands were DRIPPING in Paint. And Every time he touched me he left his paw prints all over me! I let him fuck me so hard. He slammed his cock into me so deep. AND grabbed my ass so hard as he pounded me! It was the BEST fucking I have ever had! He left his marks all over me to prove it! I can still feel his hands on my ass. And his cock deep inside me!

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