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Sexy college girl porn Broke college girls need to find the best resources for an income so it’s best to use the abilities you were naturally given. For us, it was quite easy since we are both sexy and kind of slutty. Mira and I have Bio together and she has always been a sexy looking bitch. She has a sexy thick Italian accent, a bubble butt and really nice full tits. All the guys in our class always stare at her; I mean I am a girl and I stare too. I knew she would be great for a duo porn scene with me for all my cam customers. 

Usually I do cam sessions alone to make extra funds but I have been getting so many requests asking for a girl-girl scene. I started small talk with Mira in class and made her comfortable with me; she was so sweet and bubbly so I knew the fans would love her. I invited her over for some drinks and to just hangout for the day since it is Friday and we have no class tomorrow. She was super excited and jumped on board with me and said yes! Phase one was complete for me now; on to phase 2 which is getting her naked. 

We were drinking and talking and she was saying how broke she was and that she was in need of a sugar daddy. When she said it she laughed but I felt like she meant it too. It was the perfect time to tell her my offer; it’s like I didn’t even have to try. So I told her what I do and told her people tip and give lots of money for hot girls. Without me even asking she said “Oh shit, why don’t we put on a show for these fuckers and get some cash”. I was so taken back, she was a dirty slut and I loved it. 

I said HELL YEAH and got the toys, the camera, and some cute lingerie we could wear. We went live and traffic came through pretty quickly. Mira took over and introduced herself as he showed her cleavage and then took off her panties to show her pussy off. She said in her sexy accent “Do you all want to watch us taking turns fucking each others holes?”. They all sent in tips as she said that and fondled me in the process. She grabbed my face and shoved her tongue in mouth and said “Lets put on a show for these guys and show them what college sluts do for cash”.

She was so fucking hot I was dripping wet. We spread our holes for everyone and she toyed with my cunt as I played with hers. I moaned a bit and she said “Okay everyone send in your tips in 10 seconds and than I will fuck her hot pussy with this dildo for you”. She counted down and the chat went wild and she started to fuck open my pussy while kissing me . I was so wet and creamy; I wanted to cum all over. She slipped the toy out an requested more tips so I would suck the toy clean. She then grabbed me and said “Show them how a slut eats pussy baby”. I shook my head and she pushed me between her thighs and I lapped away!


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