Briona is a Brother Fucker!

My brother was the first to fuck my chocolate pussy. It was kind of my fault because I was such a dirty tease so he says. I mean I didn’t know he would be watching when I came home and stripped off all of my clothes. School is tiring so I wanted to rid myself of all this unnecessary fabric. I didn’t know he was peeking in my bedroom as I laid on my bed. I started feeling horny so I did what any other horny teen would… I started playing with my pussy. The weird thing is I didn’t flinch or even stop what I was doing when he came in. I kept on moaning and he got right in between my legs and put his tongue on my pussy. I never thought it would happen but I had always fantasied about my brother’s big hard cock. So when I got on my knees and started sucking, deep throating, spitting, and gagging on his cock.. It felt real good…like I was a natural! I loved when he put my little bubble but in the air and smacked it as he shoved his cock head in my chocolate pudding cup.

Now it’s a regular thing. He sneaks into my room at night or right after I come home from school. We fuck like rabbits and he always tells me how he can’t get enough of his sister’s chocolate cunnie.

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