Bring in the New Year with the Biggest Cum Shot!

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Start the New Year with the Biggest Cum Shot

You know I couldn’t start of the New Year without getting the biggest cum shot from the biggest cock ever. It was just my luck that Big Daddy King’s fuck fest tour stopped in LA to kick off the new year. If your wife seemed a little distracted, now you know why! She was wishing you had enough cash to get her a ticket for one of the most fucktastic exclusive parties ever. All to honor the King of Cock himself.

Every snowbunny slut was running to buy tickets trying to get a chance to see such a massive star. And his massive cock. Including married black cock phone sex addicts that drained their husbands bank accounts just to get in the door. Since you’re too cucked to be able to go, I’ll just have to tell you about it. Every time you turned your head there were wearing tiny dresses and big wedding bands. And they were all waiting for the one and only BDK to grace us with his presences. And you know he did it in the most extravagant way. BDK doesn’t do anything half cocked.

Like the god he is, he descended from the sky on a fucking throne. Bombshell bottom bitch Cassandra was sitting on his lap. I was so fucking jealous she got to be so close to his legendary cock, until he called me on stage and I was just a few inches from that meaty monster. I know I should be used to it by now, but you never get used to seeing a dick that big. My mouth was watering so bad, I could barely focus on the announcing the “night with BDK” auction.
Remember how I was telling you that your wife was daydreaming about this party? This is why.

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King of Black Cock Phone Sex Gives Sluts Hot Ass Sex

Three lucky sluts in that room would be allowed to come on stage and get dicked down by the Don of Dick. Our big, black Daddy was generous enough to let three sluts taste his cock, and women were going to make their husbands bankrupt bidding on a ticket for hot ass sex. Literally. One desperate housewife blew through 10 million just to secure the last ticket to heaven. Then Daddy gave them the ultimate opportunity. They got to get on stage to show off their cock worshiping prowess and pledge their allegiance to the Black New World Order with the leaders cock in their mouth.

These sluts were on their knees immediately in front of his famous dick. They were begging like bitches in heat, whimpering and waiting for their turn to finally taste BDK’s cock. And it wasn’t just them. The entire audience was screaming and cheering when he finally pulled out the Anaconda every whore gets addicted to. We all wanted him inside of us. And Me, Cass, and the millionaire’s wives go to get down on our knees and get to see his impressive cock up close.

I’m such a greedy slut. I was just staring at his heavy swinging balls thinking about how much cum he was going to shoot all over us. If I was going to share it better be the biggest cum shot I’ve ever seen. Each of us did our best to make that cock cream. Each of the married whores on stage got to have their faces fucked. Watching those snowsluts worshiping Daddy’s cock made my pussy so fucking wet. And it wasn’t just me. Cassandra’s cunt had to be leaking, because Daddy had her climb onto that monster cock.

Biggest cum shot

BDK Gives his Biggest Cum Shot to his Biggest Fan

If you know Cassandra, you know she’s one of the hottest black cock phone sex whores on the planet. She took that huge cock like a fucking champ. Slamming down on his dick over and over until her she was squirting all over his cock. Her fat ass was slamming down on his dick so hard I thought I could feel him inside of me too. Then she came hard as fuck. Her legs were shaking and she was screaming like a fucking whore. Thanking Big Daddy King for letting her cum on his dick. My cunt was fucking dripping.

This wet bald pussy was begging for Daddy’s dick. I asked my Master to bend me over and fuck me against his throne. His cock slammed so fucking deep inside of my pussy. The Anaconda was pumping so deep inside of my cunny that I thought my legs were going to give out. He was hitting my cervix over and over until I was begging to cum like a brain dead slut. He pulled his cock out of my soaking wet pussy and told us to all get on our knees.

While an audience watched, Big Daddy King stroked his cock in front of us. We opened our mouths wide and begged for him to drench us in cum. We were panting like bitches in heat. All we wanted that huge black cock to completely soak us. BDK slapped Anaconda on our tongues and slid it back and forth into our mouths, then he gave everyone what we needed. The biggest cum shot painting all 5 of our pretty faces. It was so fucking hot, I think girls were cumming their jeans in the audience. This was one hell of a way to bring in the New Year!

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