Bounce And Squirt!

Hot squirting pussyI was getting so sick of hearing Jake tell me that his stupid girlfriend doesn’t ride cock or squirt for him. All he would complain about in class is how boring every girl he has been with is. He says “They say they are freaks but can’t even ride cock or squirt”. He was just ranting and raving about his shitty sex life and it was getting so annoying. I finally looked at him and said “Meet me at my dorm this afternoon I want to show you something”. He had absolutely no idea what I had in mind. 

He knocked on my door a couple hours later and I told him to sit down. We smoked a little weed and chit chatted/laughed until I knew it was time to start my mission. I said to him “So, your girl seems to be a problem huh”? He shook his head and said “Star, I don’t know what to do; she is nice and all but this bad sex shit driving me fucking nuts”. I laughed and said “Jake, if she sucks in bed that means you just need to find someone better who can satisfy your needs”. He looked puzzled and said “What, like cheat”? I laughed and said “I would say more like a secret “. 

Jake is a nice guy and I knew he would not just budge that fast. So I added “I mean if you find someone who is willing to keep a secret and knows it is just for sex I don’t see how it affects anything”. He replied and said “That seems a little messed up star idk”. I was done listening to his nice guy attitude and took off my robe. I looked at him and said “Are you ready to stop playing nice guy and let me show you how a real bitch takes care of a cock”. He was nervous and shocked but staring at my sexy little lace lingerie set I had on as I walked up to him. He said “Wait what are you doing”?

I got closer and said “Are you going to take off your pants and boxers or not”. He did not hesitate, he was already rock hard, I did not even need to blow him. I got on top and rode that hard meat stick like I owned it. He groaned and grabbed my hips right away and slammed me up and down on his rod. He said “Oh fuck yeah, you got a good cunt Star I should have fucked your slutty ass a long time ago”. I was hot and bothered because I love when a guy gets worked up and talks to me like that. I bounced harder and told him I would show him how a real slut squirts. I lifted up and squirted all over his cock a few times until he was drenched. I hopped off and got on my knees and sucked my juices off his cock until he came down my throat. 

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