Blow My Top

This soft, curvacious ass is high up in the air for you. My pussy is wet and my ass is twitching waiting to be filled up. I want a real man, one that can fuck me hard and long an blow my fucking mind. One that will make me cum as hard as I make him cum. And when I earn that money shot in my mouth I want to feel like the top of my head is going to blow clean off. I want my eye balls to be floating when he is done. And I want to cum so hard for him that he feels like his balls are being blown off. I think about the old Popeye the Sailor Man cartoons and wonder if after eating a can of spinach that makes his muscles swell up, what that can of spinach must do the muscle between his legs and how it must swell. I bet if he ate a can of spinach before blowing his load he would blow the top right off a girl. Popeye is  “Strong to finish cause he eats his spinach” Toot Toot!

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