Blasphemies’ Accomplice

accomplice phone sexHe needed an accomplice phone sex whore to produce his next young sex slave! She was a good girl going to be turned into Satan’s little whore. She came from a good family and prayed and went to church every day. Devout girls who have a naughty history of porn on their phone are perfect to be lured into the Devils Trap! He walked in on her tied up to a saint Anthony’s cross and her tots had already been spanked as much as she tried; she couldn’t even whimper anymore. My Master wanted to know how I got this perfect living doll with a gold Jesus on a cross necklace to be in his presence. Then I showed her little sister tied up naked on the floor and she became very pale after the chloroform wore off of them both. The things sisters will do for each other. Under the promise of death to her sister and mommy and daddy we had this little bitch branded with a Pentacle and Shouting how much she loves Satan, Cock and Cocaine! His dick was very happy that he got to bottom out his lovely teen whore during her initial training! Sinning is the only way either of them will survive for a deviant Master like him!
Are you ready for slave training phone sex with a Snuff whore and Serial accomplice bitch like me! I can turn a good girl into a whore on your cock any day!slave training phone

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