Bitch On A Leash

I’m your stupid bitch. Your nasty slut, stripped down naked and on all fours in front of your throbbing cock. You dick gets harder every time you yank my chain leash, pulling my head down and choking me with my black collar. You make me kiss your feet, up your legs to your balls. My mouth is open wide, my tight pussy dripping wet. I want so badly for you to fuck my stupid face with your thick delicious dick. You say I have to work harder for it. You put your balls in my mouth and let me suck on them for you, swishing them around in my mouth and massaging them with my tongue. You’re rubbing your rock hard cock all over my face, lifting it and smacking my cheeks..teasing me- making me want to take your dick and shove it down my throat. Finally, you yank my head back with my leash, making me choke and cough. My mouth is wide open, waiting. You take your cock and press it against my wet tongue, then shove it deep into my throat relentlessly. I suck on your cock like a good little bitch, choking and gagging on your thick monster. You pull it out and pull out a little bowl that has my name on it “Stupid Bitch” … I watch you drain your thick white cum into the bowl and you put it in front of me. You yank my head down and I lap it up like a good little nasty slut. You shove me back in my cage after I lick the cum bowl clean. Thank you, Master. I can’t wait to serve you again.

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