Biggest cum shot with Mr. D

biggest cum shotBiggest cum show with Mr. D that was my task for the day. Mr. D got so angry with me because I came in late. I was suppose to be in earlier because he wanted to teach me a lesson. Well since I was late I had a gut instinct that I was about to learn a couple lessons for the day. I rushed to work as soon as I read “urgent on my text message screen” I knew it was his text. A night of partying will catch up to you. I got to work and explained to him I was so sorry I didn’t make it on time. He wasn’t having it he told me to strip my pants down he was going to show me how to obey. I know now not to argue with Mr. D. He started to whip my ass over and over again. after 5 strong whips, he finally decided it was time to fuck my face and ass after he blew all his load into my mouth and made me clean it like a good slut.

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