Biggest cum shot: Will you give it to me baby?

Biggest cum shotI took the biggest cum shot the other day and will be completely surprised if I am not preggers from it. It all started when I woke up feeling a little frisky. My brother had a friend over the night before and I caught him jerking off. His cock was so big, and it was all I could think about all night. However, my brother was acting like a jealous shit and made me promise that I would not come in and fuck his friend when they went to bed. Honestly, it was really fucking rude but I agreed figuring I could just take care of myself. 

That is what I did too. I must have masturbated a million times that night. Still, I would wake up mid-dream soaking wet, and have to have a go-ahead with the next round. My sleep was so restless, so around 5 am I decided fuck it and went into the family living room. Everyone else was still asleep, so when the dude’s Dad showed up at the front door I was the one who answered. He was so tall and very handsome. I stood in front of him in my pajama tank top and tiny shorts. I tried not to smirk like I had devious intentions but all I could think about was how big his cock must be since he passed quite the monster to his son. 

Apologizing because the household was asleep still I invited him in and offered him a seat on the couch so I could go wake up his son. However, I had no desire to wake that snot up. I sat on the couch next to him after “waking his son” and complimented him on raising such a polite spawn. I began to compliment his shape and rubbed my hand along his thigh. It didn’t take too long before I had seduced my way right inside his pants. His dick was larger than his son’s! It was huge. I wasn’t very surprised though. I knew Daddy would be packing. Even bigger than his cock was that he had the biggest cum shot. When he blew his load inside of me I could feel my belly get bigger with just how massive his load was. As my panties filled with cum dribbling from my pussy I began to fantasize how one of his swimmers might have made the cut. Then I went and woke his son up. 

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