Biggest Cum Shot: I’ll take that award, thank you!

Biggest Cum ShotIf there is anything I can take in this world it is the biggest cum shot. My sweet little mouth craves to be wrapped around the throbbing member of man meat ready to blow its load. There ain’t no way I would waste a single drop either. My cute bald cunny is just itching to take a rough pounding from a cock of a mature man. Older men always know how to treat trailer trash whores just the way they need to be treated. Take those young long legs in either hand and raise them to the sky. Lining up your stiff hard rod to my naked moist slit won’t be hard. My pretty barely legal cunt is just hungry for dick so you will slide right in. Whimpers of extreme pleasure will leave my young sweet lips as a hard cock fucks my young body rough. 

However, I don’t want my fucking to stop there. Toss my little body across the table and slap my ass before you shove yourself into my pretty pink pussy from behind. My sweet plump rump will look so nice bouncing as you penetrate my bald cunny fast and hand. Then, when I am a good girl and you give me that giant cum shot you know my pretty pussy will just eat it up. There is nothing going to stop me from reaching inside of myself and grabbing your nut butter and licking it right up either. I crave the seminal fluids of a hot and heavy man after fucking the young perfect pussy of his dreams. 


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