You Belong Beneath My Beautiful Feet

At times, I enjoy walking all over men (literally); sometimes barefoot, and other times, wearing socks, flip flops, my 6 inch stiletto heels or high-heeled thigh high boots. Trampling makes my delicate flower release its nectar down my thighs.  My nipples harden as I stand on their faces, kicking, jumping and dancing.

I am reminded of a woman’s superiority, when I trample. I love using a submissive as my trampoline-watching the flesh turn red, black and blue creating welts in the skin.  I am aroused by screams, moans, and seeing these submissives achieve intense orgasms, as I exercise superiority.  My vagina erupts, sending waves throughout my entire body, as I hear their groaning and pleading, as they lay beneath my feet.

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