A Beast of a Bush!

Growing up, everyone was excited about finally getting pubic hair, both girls and boys. Now, all we want to do is get rid of it! I’ll admit, I love the feel of my poonanny when it’s freshly shaven and silky smooth. (Maybe, that’s the reason I love rubbing and licking on my daughters’ bald pussies.) And, sex does feels much more wet, without hair down there. I just feel like the hair is supposed to be there! Isn’t that why we have it? It grows for a reason, right?

My mother told me hair keeps the germs out, so I won’t have a dirty kitty. But, I have found that it’s easier to clean my cunt when there’s no werewolf guarding it. So, I usually compromise. I keep some on top, because I’m a grown woman, but I shave all the good stuff, because I’m a sexy bitch! LOL

There was a time when I refused to shave! I was much younger, and had never heard of anyone shaving their pubes. One of my teachers, an older white man, from whom I received a lot of after-school “tutoring,” used to tell me I had a beast of a bush. We would refer to my pussy as “his werewolf.” He had a fetish for playing with my pubes.

He’d spend almost an hour just inhaling the smell of my bush, and rubbing his face in my hair, before he ever even parted my lips. Sometimes he’d measure how long my hair was growing, but I loved it when he would “groom his werewolf!” He kept a comb in his desk, just for this purpose! The feeling of the comb tugging on my curls, and his fingers gliding through my hair always made his werewolf howl!

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