BBC Mistress Mika Making You Her Bitch

You’re a nasty, pathetic white cocksucker, who deserves to be degraded. I want you to beg to lick my big black ass. I know you want too. Your dick is throbbing, about ready to bust! Your face is inches from my beautiful black hole. You have to beg first before I let you stick out your tongue and taste my chocolate goodness!

I love your type. You’re a pitiful white slave, willing to do anything to please your mistress. Well, in order to please me you have to be a nasty little bitch. I want to see how nasty you can get. I think I have some golden nectar for you. Think you’re ready for this black goddess to hose you down with my big dick?

I told you I would turn you into my little bitch, and I meant it. Now I have you hooked on my big black dick, don’t I! You’re my nasty little toilet slut. I love when you rim my ass and take my golden showers. Now all you have to do is wash it down with my creamy cum! Call me right now you dirty bitch and let’s have some nasty fun!

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