BBC Mika Turning Your White Ass Out!

Quit acting like you don’t like what you see. You’ve been gawking at my fucking dick all night! I bet you want me to bring you back to my place. I’d make you get on your knees and worship my BIG BLACK COCK! I’ll grab the back of your head, and shove it down your throat. That’s what you want isn’t it? You wanna be a little cock-sucker, right? That’s not all you’re going to be when I’m through with you! I’m turning you into a full blown BBC lover! Bend your white twinky ass over, and feel my huge dick slide in! You won’t have a choice, I’m going to take that tight, white ass! Don’t run boy! Take my BIG BLACK COCK! Make my big dick squirt out that delicious cum, all over your ass. You know you want it! Tell me you want my huge load all over you! I’ll cover you in this white cream, just give me a call!

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