Baking Cookies



I am such a good little sister! So, my brother was away for awhile and I really really missed our family time and the way my hot body always made his huge cock rock hard, so I decided to do something to show him how much I missed him! I dressed up in my cutest high heels and made sure I was all prettied up for him and had his favorite chocolate cookies baking in the oven. When he walked through the door I was standing, bent over the stove with my tight, round ass in the air so he could see my warm, moist pussy. I coated two fingers with thick chocolate syrup and rubbed them all along my tight slit. As I was sucking the extra chocolate off my finger  tips one by one, my brother walked up to me, grabbed me firmly by the hips, knelt down and begin slowly running his tongue all along my sweet, juicy, pussy lips. He licked up all the chocolate, thrusting his tongue in and out of my tiny hole. I moaned and screamed until thick white cream flooded from my pussy all over my brother’s tongue. I love giving my brother all the sweet, succulent treats he deserves!



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