I Am Throwing A Beer Party!!!

I have been getting things organized all week and tonight it is going down! Or that’s the plan lot’s of going down while getting fucked up! I can’t wait and my pussy is mega worked up!

So I have so much beer we will never run out. I bought (well bought some, traded for some and just pure jacked some) Heineken, Bud, Mmichelob, Logger, and even Miller, just to name a few.

I have coolers at all four stations and all the stations are set up and ready to go.

The first station is two tables for beer pong, everyone loves beer pong. The second station is two tables each set up for four player quarters, great beer drinking game! The third station is four beer bongs, each with a deck of cards. Two people go head to head drawing cards and the low card has to drink out of the beer bong or do a keg stand. And last but not least, my favorite all time beer drinking game…Flip, Sip or Strip….for those of you who have never played it goes like this: The first player flips a coin and calls it in the air, if you are right you pass the coin to the person on your right and it is their turn to flip, if you are wrong you pass the coin to the left and either, strip off one article of clothes or sip (guzzle your beer).

There will be lots of drunk ass naked people by the end of the night which leads to a lot of drunk ass fucking and sucking!

YeeeHaw…Bottoms up boys!!!

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