Back To School Party

It’s the end of summer and Daddy said I could have a going back to school party. He took me shopping to buy all kinds of snacks and movies for me and my friends to watch. I am super excited over being able to have this party. I got all the snacks together and me and my friends sat down and started watching movies. The first two movies were great,and then I put the third movie in. I accidentally put one of my Daddy’s movies in cause the people were moaning and groaning. One of the girls was bouncing up and down on a huge cock and another girl was sitting on top of his face screaming like she was going to explode. Daddy came walking in asking what we were doing and we just giggled. Daddy said it is very naughty to watch something like that. We begged him to please let us watch it, we won’t tell no one. Daddy said that we could watch it as long as we did the same thing they were doing with Daddy. Daddy laid down on the floor  with his hard cock standing straight up he grabbed me and pushed my little body right on top of his cock making me move up and down. As my friend climbed on top of his face grinding hard till she had cream coming out of her pussy dripping all over Daddy’s face. We made Daddy cum so hard inside of all of us. Daddy said we are the best little sluts Daddy has ever had at his house. We are going to have going back to school party’s at my house every year just so we can get Daddy cock! 

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