Like Father, Like Son

What a great day I had yesterday!  One of my new neighbors had a gathering Friday night, so he and his son could meet new people in the community.  A single dad of a teenage boy?!  There’s no way I was passing up on that!  And, I’m so happy I went; I really got along with the dad, so much so that I stayed afterwards and helped him clean up.  In appreciation, he gave me a few orgasms.  LOL  His long cock slow stroked me into a deep slumber.  I woke up to the smell of the waffles he was making for breakfast, and the trickle of his cum still draining out of my juicy, hot cunt.  I was about to get up and clean myself, when the son walked in.  I figured he was sent to wake me, so I pretended like I was still asleep.

He didn’t say anything for a long moment, but I felt him sit on the bed.  Then, to my excitement, I felt a warm hand reach under the covers and caress my ass.  I poked it out a bit and let out a soft moan.  His hand slid between my legs, and stroked my slippery slit.  I opened my eyes to see him naked and rubbing his hard, young cock.  I asked if his dad knew what he was doing.  He said this was his dad’s idea, and that they did it all the time!  I was so happy to hear that.  I spread my legs wide for that hard, young boy and told him to slide in.  I thought of how his dad’s cum was lubing his cock, while he fucked me fast and hard.  He came in me, just as his father walked in with breakfast.

All morning they tag teamed me – the father with a slow, long stroke, and the son with a fast, hard thrust.  They both came in my so many times, I’m still dripping cum.

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