Babysitting with Bambi

Babysitter Phone SexThe other day I was jonesing for some blow. I asked Daddy if he could hook it up, but his own connect was out. He told me the only other dealer he knew happened to be that creepy redneck guy down the street. He lived about 4 houses down and had a house that was the local stomping grounds for all the little punks that lived on the street. I walked down to his house and asked if he had anything. “Funny you should ask, Bambi! The missus and I were fixin’ to go pick somethin’ up tonight but I just got a call from our sitter. She done went and got the flu. Can you fill in? We were going to grab a bite along with it, shouldn’t be more than three, four hours.” Ughhhhh, this is my LEAST favorite thing to do, but for an 8ball, I’d do about anything right now. I smiled my sweetest smile. “I’d love to, Mr. G” He and his old lady headed out about an hour later, leaving me with 3 snot nose, sticky faced brats. You know how youngin’s are, they show you all their toys and then ask you a thousand goddamn questions. “What’s your name? Where do you go to school? What grade are you in?” Useless stuff like that. The littlest asked me “What do you like to do for fun?” I let out a hearty laugh. “Fuck and do cocaine.” “what’s cocaine?” the oldest asked. “It’s a magic powder, like Nesquik but you put it in your nose” “Yum!” she quipped. I laughed, in spite of myself “Definitely” “What’s fuck?” I started to answer that question several times but I couldn’t figure out how put it. I pointed to the teen boy “Take your pants off” and the older girl “you too.” They did as I told them without hesitation. Dumb little shits. I started rubbing the girl’s pink puffy little slit and stroking the teen’s uncut fuckstick. He immediately hardened in my hand and she started bucking her tiny little hips. Both of them made tiny involuntary sounds of pleasure. “Now, you lay down on that couch.” I instructed the girl. She did, instantly, seemingly knowing exactly what to do as she spread her legs and continued where I’d left off, stroking herself. I quickly slobbered on the boy’s rockhard cock and told him where to put it. They fucked so innocently and perfectly that I was instantly soaked. I lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing myself. “that’s fucking” I told them. I turned to the littlest. “Do you want a taste?” She seemed to have experience, as she plunged her tiny tongue into my sweet juicy cunny. I kept rubbing on my clit as she tongue fucked me, and within 5 minutes, all three of us had cum. “Your turn” the brother told the littlest sister and we all took turns ravishing her perfect little body. I looked at the clock after her tiny body convulsed and jerked and she screamed in perfect innocent pleasure. Goddammit. I’ve got 3 more hours with these rugrats. What the hell am I gonna do? Call me if you’ve got any ideas.

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