Babysitter Caprice Gets Tricked!

Hot teen phone sexMr. Thomas called me and asked me to babysit that night.  So I headed on over there, I was a bit early.  When I got there, the lights were off and the door was slightly open.  I was a bit concerned.  Or were the little ones just fooling me?  It was awful close to Halloween so maybe it was a “trick”.

I went inside, calling out for them and heard nothing.  The house was pitch dark so I stumbled around a bit.  I made my way upstairs to the bratss bedroom but they were both empty.  I went to Mr. Thomas’s bedroom and knocked calling out for him.  There was no answer so I opened it up and checked the room.

That’s when it happened.  I felt a push on my back and next thing I know I was on the bed, face down.  My panties were ripped off me and stuffed into my mouth!  I was flipped over and the rest of my clothes were ripped off me.  My hands were then tied to the headboard, wide apart.  I was really scared.  I had no idea who this was or if I was going to die.

He never spoke.  His face was covered by a mask.  His hands were all over me.  Touching, rubbing, then his tongue followed, licking and tasting all over.  He buried his face into my cunnie lapped away, getting me wet.  The next thing I heard was a zipper and my ankles were thrust up above my head.  He pushed inside my bald little pussy until every bit of him was inside me.  As he pumped he fingered my nipples and rubbed my clit. He was going to force me to cum!  And I did.  Over and over and over again.  After he came, he untied me and ran out of the house.  I was so shocked I just laid there for a while.

The lights came on and Mr. Thomas found me in his bed, naked.  He asked me what happened, I started to tell him but that’s when I noticed it.  There was mask on the dresser and Mr. Thomas was looking at me smiling, the sound of his kids in the hallway.  It was him!

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