Babysitter Briona

Imagine your face when you open the door and you find out the new babysitter is not only cute but she’s chocolate! Your wife decided to try out a nanny/babysitter agency and she hit jackpot when she chose me! I can see that little twinkle of lust in your eye as I walk in. After all I did dress up in my most cutest outfit complete with my hair in pigtails, my floral skirt and my cute tank top which you clearly see I have on no bra.

You just cant stop thinking about me so you tell your wife you feel a little sick and think you should go home for the remainder of the night. Your wife is having a blast with her friends so you insist she stays and have a great time. I knew you would be back.. alone. So I made sure to have my chocolate kitty wet and purring when you walked in the door. I watch you walk over, grin at me and dive in for a taste. 

Mmmm All your babysitter fantasies are coming true and so are mine! As you slide that huge cock in I moan those sweet little words…. “Fuck Me Daddy”!

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