Playing With Little Tight Bald Pussies Is Hot As Fuck

My dumb ass sister got herself locked up yet again. I had the cops at my door to give me her crotch goblins. I don’t mind though because they are adorable with delectable little bald pussies.

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I hope she stays in there for a while so my man and I can thoroughly enjoy these little tight pussies. We love to play with little ones together. I love to lick the little sweet pussies and assholes to get them ready for his cock. I also loosen them up with my fingers. I love the way they squirm and sometimes even cry.  The more they cry the wetter my pussy gets. I love t see my man pop their little cherries and fuck their little asses. I also love to make them play with each other. I had them making out and even eating each other’s little pussies. The more I think about it the more I hope my sister stays strung out and ends up in jail.

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