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Just Like Mommy

Barely Legal Phone Sex


My daughter is a barely legal tramp who loves it when I train her to be a real cum sucking whore like me.  She likes to fool around with all of mommy’s play things, whether it’s my collection of slutty sex toys or my squad of sleazy fuck boys, she covets them all.  The little skank barely even lets me fuck her dad on my own!  It’s okay, she just wants to be like her mom, I think it’s sweet.

This morning, I was getting him ready for work with some hot fuck action when she burst into our room pissed off because we were screwing without her.  She stripped down, positioned herself between her pop’s legs and sucked his bare balls as I rode his rigid rod.  Wanting to have her snatch satisfied, she knelt beside us and whined until he pushed me off, got behind her and banged her doggystyle.  I settled in next to her and bent over to offer my man a double helping of family pussy.  He would fuck one of us while fingering the other, switching back and forth until our perched pussies made him explode, covering both of us in his frothy cum.  He pushed her head down and held her in place by her braid as I licked all of his goop off of her round ass and both of her horny fuck holes.  She’s such a brat.


What’s good for the goose…

Bisexual Phone Sex

My man really loves pussy but his bisexual side is really fucking hot and sometimes he helps me fuck some random ramrod into submission.  We went to the bar last night to troll for a willing second cock to bring home for the night and ended up finding a gorgeous young buck with a dick so pretty that my hubby didn’t let me have it all to myself.  After I got them both ready with my sweet mouth they started out with some standard spit roast action, fucking my throat and cunt at the same time, running deep inside of my horny holes.  As the stud power pumped my pussy, my guy stopped tickling my tonsils and positioned his head right over my ass, offering up his manly mouth to the dreamboat.  The fuck boy went back and forth, my pussy, his mouth, my ass, his mouth, pussy, mouth, ass, mouth, again and again, getting faster and fucking harder with each re-entry, until he could take no more and gushed out a screaming orgasm all over my husband’s face.  To return the favor, our grateful guest got down on his knees and got the face fucking of his life, taking my man’s meat as far down his throat as he could.  He was happy to take a fat, splattery load all over his young face.


I Want It To Hurt

Bondage Phone Sex


I never thought my pussy would gush from being hogtied and thrown on the floor to be used by a roomful of strangers like a worthless fuck-toy, but apparently bondage phone sex gets my whorish juices flowing.  Being completely restrained and gagged and forced to take cock after throbbing cock in every one of my dirty holes is exactly what satisfies this sub of a mommy slut.  A blowjob gangbang was a perfect way to start our sordid slave fucking soiree’.  Choking on dozens of dongs, gawk-gawking my way through that tear filled fuck fantasy had my pussy ready for the pounding it was about to take.  You have to admit, a filthy fuckfest is so much better when the bitch is crying.  I screamed and flailed as my horny holes were ravaged by one thick dick after another, taking every frothy creampie those sadistic fucks had to give. When they had their fill of me, they left me lying on the cold floor, still bound, still gagged and still crying in sweet agony.  I could get used to this.



Dirty Divorcé

Rim Jobs Phone Sex


My tongue will drive you out of your mind, just ask the last guy who came to me asking for rim jobs phone sex.  My husband’s newly divorced best friend hears all about my depraved proclivities and I guess he just decided he wanted to be part of the cum filled action so he cornered me in his basement.  He tried to be an alpha and opened up with some fake ass dominant bullshit but I could tell he was putting on an act.  I did what the poor guy said but whatever I did, I showed him that I was really the one in control, so when he told me “Lick my ass” I flipped him over like he was a rag doll and forcefully tongue punched his unprepared browneye.  I sucked his butthole and jerked his pole and he grunted and groaned with his face pressed into the floor.  The more I licked and prodded the more he writhed and moaned.  The moment my tongue inched down and tickled his taint, he let out a waterfall of cum all over the floor.  That shut him up real quick.



Cum Give It a Try

Cum Slut Phone Sex


Let a real whore like me show you what I’m made of with cum slut phone sex.  I love to be covered in cock cream and filled to the brim with jizz, I just can’t get enough of it!  I’ll take on a gang of pulsating pricks, the more the better, just so I can get whitewashed in warm waves of sticky dick goo.  I can stuff a stud or three in my eager ass and willing pussy while I blow and jerk a few more until they lather my entire head with their spectacular spunk.  Of course my holes need to be filled up with nut, but once they’re completely topped off and full of that multi stud sperm stew I’ll need some sweet cream for my big titties.  I’ll rub it all in, especially into my nipples, and suck that savory goodness off of all ten of my fingers, scooping up handfuls of that splattered splooge so I can gulp as much of it down as I can.  Think you can drown me in dick juice?


Shoplifting Shithead

Blackmail Phone Sex


My middle daughter and I got caught up in some scandalous blackmail phone sex and you’ll never believe what we had to do to get out of it.  She is kind of a pain in the ass, cock starved and hungry for some male attention so she acts out a lot.  I took her to the mall for a bit of bonding time and that little twat got caught stealing.  The loss prevention officer forced us into the security office and strip searched both of us even though I kept insisting that I had nothing to do with it.  He told us that he wouldn’t call the police if we did what he instructed and satisfied him with some hot mother-daughter action.  We knew what we had to do so we wasted no time and got right to work on his amply portioned meat.  He gave both of our bald pussies a real beating before finishing inside of my bratty daughter.  Truth be told, he was actually pretty good, plus it’s not like this was the first time we shared a man.


Call Me Mistress

CBT Phone Sex


Prepare to have your fucking junk wrecked with a few torturous rounds of CBT phone sex.  You will call me Mistress Reanna, you will only speak when spoken to, you will be restrained from moving and, most importantly, your pathetic cock and worthless balls will be painfully punished in every way imagineable.  To get them big, purple and puffy, I’m going to bind your shaft and ball bag with a thin leather strap, making sure to wrap it tightly to ensure maximum engorgement.  You should expect that I’ll have to kick them around a little and stomp on them with my spiked heels before I clamp it all down, that will be taking place.  A simple ball crusher on your nuts and cage on your cock will do just fine, I’m sure you’ll agree.  I’ll make certain you’re nice and hard so I can stick a sounding rod or two in your pee hole and jam them deep into your helpless dick.  You’ll be edged toward orgasmic ecstasy for hours before I let that miserable meat stick of yours have any sort of release, sweet or otherwise.


Chocolate Craving

Black Girl Phone sex


Mommy has a hot new ebony slut step daughter so get that cock hard and ready for some black girl phone sex.  She’s a dirty little chocolate skinned beauty and she is ripe for the picking so, of course, my walking fuck stick of a son couldn’t resist getting a sample… and neither could I!  I had to time my moment just right but I knew I wouldn’t have to wait very long by the way they flirted with each other.  She hadn’t lived with us for a week before I caught her in my big dicked boy’s room trying to show him just how far she could fit his snot hog down her throat.  I feigned surprise at first but eventually promised her I wouldn’t tell her dad if she let me dive face first into her sable snatch.  My son knew what was up and flipped her over for me so I could commence face fucking her tight little holes until I made that sweet cum of hers pour out of her tiny teen twat.  I’m really glad I got remarried.


Living On The Edge

Edge Play Phone Sex


Edge play phone sex with me will have your needy cock so close to cumming that you’ll be begging me for an ultimately sweet release.   Your dick will drip and ooze so much pre cum that I’m sure you’ll wonder if something is wrong with you.  I have no problem stroking and tickling, kissing and licking a rock hard johnson for hours and hours, just knowing that when I finally let that swollen prick blow, the explosion will be so extreme that my special man toy will scream and wail in sweet agony as cascades of sweet cum erupt from his massive member.  When I give a cock permission to blow, it blows like a busted water pipe from all the jizz that built up from the hours of teasing and pecker play! My cunt gets so wet knowing how much power I have over a cock and balls in my hand and the rivers of cum that they produce for me.  Want me to slurp it all up with my mommy mouth?


Cum Queen

Biggest cum shot


I fucked a guy who gave me the chunkiest, biggest cum shot I’ve ever had the pleasure of sucking down.  I fucking loved it!  For starters, he had a thick cock that stretched out my sweet fuck holes so nicely, I almost made him shoot his wad inside me because it just felt so damn good.  That would have been one hell of a creampie, this stud’s prick spits enough spunk with one explosive orgasm to fill and cover both my cunt and my cullo. But I had to put his pulsating pole in my mouth, it was such a magnificent specimen, plus I love licking and sucking my juices off of a man.  I shoved my head down onto his shaft and throated myself over and over until I felt him get ready to erupt.  I opened wide so he could jerk off into my mouth and his throbbing cock launched arching ropes of thick, pearly cum right at me, filling my mouth and covering me in sweet nut nectar.



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