I am a murderous ‘femme fatale’ who loves sex, blood, and gore. I love the taste of cum and I love the taste of blood(the mixture of the two helps me ‘to get my fix). I love passionate kisses, hot sex, seduction, and creativity (which at times culminates with death). Name your poison. I will eagerly lead you into compromising, dangerous, and deadly situations. I will put you under my spell, and make you mine; never to be your own again. Like a female ‘black widow spider,’ at times, mate predation will occur. However, there are those who I allow to escape. I seek my prey in many venues. Their demographic information varies (depending upon my tastes at the moment). I love to feel and give pain. I love being in control (in every type of way). On rare occasions, I will entertain myself with submissives; training them and humiliating them. I loathe boredom, so if you dare contact me, ensure that you are open-minded, uninhibited, and have a lust
for ‘unconventional tastes’. Do not contact me if you are looking for a weak, submissive woman-I will turn you away.


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